Informed knowledge powers creative intelligence. What do your markets see? What discussions are taking place? What moves them to act? Knowing the environment, the people, and how they live is a science. The pulse of their emotions and experiences give definition to their needs, wants and expectations. This is the chemistry of Creative Intelligence. 


Branding & Identity

While informed knowledge powers the strategies and tools of Creative Intelligence, the messages, images, and words blend together to connect you with your markets. Campaigns are the sum of communications that establish connections with your audience. At the desired levels of effectiveness, these communications define community, strike emotions and allow people to evolve their perspectives.



As a full service marketing firm, Kovach Marketing employs the strength of our in-house art department, coupled with many established relationships with outside creative talent. We have mastered the process of developing appropriate marketing designs across all mediums for our clients, resulting in a final implementation based on strategy.